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                                                                                     Farmington Hills, MI 48335


         Thank you for the opportunity to present our breakthrough 21st Century Green Energy Technology, the Oscillo
         Drive from Wave Water Works, LLC .  The patented, tested Oscillo Drive is a wave energy converter -
         mechanical energy to electrical energy - that operates in water or the air and translates the up and down
         movements of waves (and motion) into one-direction power.

         We are excited about the implications of this technology and the related “green opportunities.”  It is our hope
         that you see your company’s interests benefitting from our technology.
         Enclosed, you will find our Product Kit, which includes, our executive summary, company brochure, and
         PowerPoint presentation.

         These pieces are intended to give enough information to provide an overall understanding of the Oscillo Drive,
         its underlying technology and a short list of possible implementations as starting point for continued

         Municipalities, or other entities that strive to find green solutions, are of great interest to us. Any company with
         existing or proposed operations on water may find our technology useful while limiting the carbon footprint.
         Our technology creates power with no negative impact on the environment. We would be interested in
         exploring ways to prove the viability of our technology in tandem with present environmental testing work.
         Additionally, we are open to opportunities as they are presented.

         Thank you for this opportunity to serve. We look forward to furthering our mutual goals.
         Please contact me with any further questions, comments or concerns.

         Thank you.

         Chuck Keys

         Project Director and Business Manager

         248-231-5205 Direct
         248-991-3858 Office


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